Today’s instalment of ‘Tim Wonnacott: Style Icon’ is mainly pictures of me and Tim.

It’s really more like a children’s picture book on high-fashion than a challenging piece of prose. In fact it is nothing like a challenging piece of prose. It is nothing at all akin to any decent piece of literary work. Verily, it’s less than decent; it’s indecent!

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Now, me and Tim, we both like a bit o’ blue. A bold Turquoise for me (above) and a cracking cornflower for Tim (Left)




Contrary to popular belief, Tim doesn’t always wear a bow tie.
We both agree that it is not always necessary to wear a ow tie with a tweed jacket.











Sometimes, Tim likes to wear a boater hat.


So do I! And there’s that cornflower blue again- Twinnies!










Here I am, outside the Royal Palace, Oslo. I’m wearing burgundy corduroy jeans. I feel rather Wonnacott-esque.
Tim is dons a delightful pair of red chinos whilst filming Bargain Hunt. Okay, so they aren’t burgundy, but it’s close enough!











Join me next time for more fashion blogging! Yes? YES!


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