ASL- 23, Lady, Manchester

Ale, Drinking,  Holidays, Pubs, Drinking Ale, Nine Inch Nails, Gin,

Tonic, Tea, Drinking Gin, Some Films, CAMRA, With Tonic, With Soda,

Walks, The Smiths, Easton Ellis, Pooing, Food, Without Soda, Whatever.

My life right now: German supermarket, princely partner, rented flat outskirts of central Manchester, close family, confusion, and to an extent freedom. I struggle with acceptance, mainly of myself and the world, and the relation between those two things- I’m sure most young people do. I have a degree, which is probably amazing since I was born and bred in Heywood, Rochdale, Shithole. I’d like to think that 3 years at Manchester University and a 2.1 means something but I’m not sure what and even if it does. If you’d like to tell me, answers on a postcard please. This blog is a desperate attempt to decipher who I am and what I should do.

That is, please tell me what I should do. As long as it’s easy.


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