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Being unemployed is shit, it’s true. But only because you cease to be financially stable, unless you’re a lucky rich bastard. My existential dread constantly tests the bounds of my desire to earn money. Really, what does it mean if I have 2306 pounds sterling on a screen? I could withdraw it, and then I could feel it. But the feel of it wouldn’t feel like how I imagine the number 2306 would feel; i wouldn’t be able to carry 2306, because it’s a big number. My age-number is 24, which is roughly 100 times smaller (I don’t do maths) but my mass is more than the mass of 2306 pounds sterling. Don’t go trying to prove me wrong because I probably am but it’s really not important anyway, you waggish twat.

When I’m unemployed, I feel a sense of freedom. It’s almost like the fear and uncertainty is freedom. Perhaps my entire life I have been lied to: perhaps monetary wealth does not bring freedom. I think there is something terribly wrong with the system. Let’s say for example, I walk for days to Hull. I want to go to… Rotterdam. God knows why, but for arguments sake, I do. And at any rate, it can’t be any worse than Hull. If I manage to get onto a ferry for free, either sneak on or somehow blag my way on (should that be ‘shag’?) and I get caught at the other end, the payment, providing I had no money, which I don’t, would be my freedom. But did I do anything morally wrong? I don’t think so. I just got on a boat, much like how this dog is just a little tired and is using a tortoise for a ride

Money complicates things, is the point I am trying- rather appallingly- to make. I’m kinda, like, so over money right now. I just don’t get it. It’s not just a currency anymore, it’s the rules, and I’m totally not cool with that.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m chatting utter bollocks, and without actually trying to sound ‘clever’ or ‘deep’, I have managed to sound like I am trying to sound like I’m clever and/or deep, but I assure you this was just the thing in my brain and it made sense to me a few minutes ago. Alas, on reading it back it smells a lot like bullshit. Pls forgive me and forget you ever read anything.



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